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Why now?

There is a major lack of contributors in the Web3 space simply because we are that early. Opportunities are abundant with the huge demand for talents that know how to operate in Web3. There is such a thing as the early bird catches the worm. 🐦
Web3 requires more talents, and it’s not limited to just the developers. Be it a writer, a designer, a char kway teow stall operator, you already posses all the skills that you can offer. You just need to take the extra step to learn how you can leverage on “the new Internet”.

Why join KopiDAO?

We believe in a decentralised future and we believe that “work” should be rewarding, accessible, and ultimately transparent. Our DAO truly is borderless and we do not care where you are from. A DAO is community-owned and you become a stakeholder from Day 1.
In our DAO, no hierarchy is in place and all the members (including the founders) are considered equal stakeholders; as contributors of the DAO. The contributors of the DAO are all actively contributing their time, skills, and money.
You would want to join a DAO because of the people in it and their shared mission. Most importantly, participation for you is flexible. You are here to learn, network, and ultimately contribute to the DAO’s mission at your own pace.
Unlike traditional organisations, a DAO’s activities are fully public and all actions can be held accountable. Management of its members run on a merit system and the community makes decisions as a whole, not limited to just the selected few at the top. Our DAO ensures equal opportunities for all of its members and its most active contributors will become pillars of the community.