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Purposeful onboarding

In order for the Web3 ecosystem to continue to grow, we need more users and advocates.
Web3 onboarding can still be challenging even for someone with technical knowledge, let alone individuals that are non-technical. Many Web3 curious individuals either do not feel the urgency to explore the space or do not know where to start; they simply do not see the purpose of even setting up a crypto wallet.
Purpose will take you a long way in terms of learning and thriving in the ecosystem and our goal is to help you identify that purpose, coupling that with a personalised onboarding experience that is fun and welcoming.
We present the opportunities in Web3 forward and lower the barriers of entry by democratising knowledge. You do not need prior experience or come from a technical background to start exploring and venturing into Web3. We encourage you to come learn with us! Most importantly, you can do more than just trade tokens, come learn how to build digital products with us and even start your own NFT project.
Cherry on top? Do all that without touching a single of code following the no-code movement.