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Q1 2022

Laying the foundation for the DAO.
  • Complete landing page
  • Set up Discord community
  • Set up Twitter account
  • Finalise whitepaper
  • Prepare educational primers

Q2 2022

Marketing and outreach for the DAO begins.
  • Open Discord community for public access
  • Onboard key contributors and expand team
  • Launch whitelist and onboard first cohort of DAO members
  • Begin minting of Kopi Cup NFTs for whitelisted members
  • Launch Knowledge base and Kopi Sessions
  • Launch member profiles and initial phase of Talent Bank

Q3 2022

Nurturing a thriving community.
  • Public rollout for on-chain credentials
  • Expand on Talent Bank initiatives
  • Expand on Makerspace initiatives

Q4 2022

Scaling the DAO.
  • Ramp up member and scholar onboarding
  • Expand on the DAO's products and services
  • Prepare the DAO for the launch of Season 2