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Talent Bank

The Talent Bank expands on the collective effort of success. The DAO will showcase our best talents and provide them a platform to secure backers that are looking to invest in them.
Our members can also obtain immutable recognition for their learning and contributions by receiving on-chain credentials backed by the community.

On-chain credentials

We run our own reputation system within the DAO. Leading contributors will be recognised and endorsed by members of the DAO.
Our members can get certified by participating in the DAO's activities and receive a bespoke certification NFT minted on the blockchain. Use this to showcase your Web3 learning journey, serving as an immutable record of your contribution.
These soulbound NFTs will provide you with exclusive benefits across the applications and projects we work with.

Talent launchpad

Over time, our DAO will showcase our best talents and help them crowdfund for support.
We provide the know-how to help our talents fundraise by launching their own NFT/token projects. We assist our members from art creation, deployment, outreach, and management tools to help manage their backers.
In addition, the DAO will invest in you (a minimum of USD$200 is granted) to help you kickstart your Web3 resume.


Our DAO members holding at least one(1) Kopi Cup NFT will be able to mint on-chain credentials free of charge. Non DAO members will need to pay a small service fee to the DAO treasury.