As a maker community, we are always on the hunt for innovative products and services to help us build upon our ideas. We are databasing and endorsing the best products in the space.


Have an idea that you want to build upon? Come build it with the DAO!
By joining our DAO, you gain access to hands-on workshops and building opportunities with other DAO members where we will be exploring ideas, identifying use cases, and hacking together production ready products.


Every time we complete a hackathon and/or ship a production ready product, we will showcase it along with a playbook that documents how we've built it and what we've learnt.

Launching ventures

As the DAO grows, you have access to the builders, founders, operators, and investors. Collectively, we can come together to launch successful ventures directly from the DAO where contributors gets to be involved from Day 0.

Partner with us

If you are building something cool that you think will benefit our community, please reach out to us. Our community of makers loves to get their hands dirty by tinkering with tools and will be real advocates of your product.