KopiDAO’s Scholarship Program allows our community to endorse scholars that will gain access to our DAO without the need of owning any of our Kopi Cup NFTs. In addition, our scholars will be added to our NFT whitelist and can choose to invest in the NFTs whenever they are ready.


We believe in fair and equal opportunities to everyone despite their background and profile. Through the scholarship program, we want to improve the diversity and inclusion in the Web3 space by bringing more youth, under-represented groups onboard and providing them opportunities to gain experience.
Note: Scholars will not be given a Kopi Cup NFT, and this will not disrupt the supply of our Kopi Cup NFTs.

Who is this for?

  • Student leaders that have access to student communities
  • Under-represented communities with aligned mission
Note: Scholar candidates will be interviewed by the Core Team before admission.

How can you help?

  • Promote KopiDAO’s Twitter and Discord channels
  • Champion our Discord and keep the community engaged. Be curious and open.
    • Ask questions! Share about what you’re looking to achieve with the DAO. (ie. a skill you’re trying to learn, a product/startup you are looking to launch)
    • Found something interesting that could benefit the community? Share it and get a conversation going.
    • Spot a question that you know an answer to? Share your knowledge!
    • Have an idea or a tool you want to explore? Gain interest from the community and get a group going to build in public
    • Make things fun! Share memes, talk about Southeast Asian culture, get artists to jam together in the Discord
  • Organise and curate regular webinars, hackathons, study jams with your community
    • Our focused topics are no-code and Web3
    • You are supported by the DAO, where we help provide access to the right resources (ie. experts and mentors, physical venues, monetary reimbursements)
  • Scout and recommend other potential fellow scholars that can be a great fit for the DAO
  • Contribute to KopiDAO’s tasks/initiatives

Additional perks

  • Bespoke NFTs for your achievements and contributions, that will grant you further access to our network and partners
  • Launch your Web3 resume with us. We help you curate your member profile so that you can crowdfund for public support via Talent Bank, and the DAO will invest in you (a minimum of USD$200 is granted)
  • Access to private 1-on-1 sessions with our mentors
  • Access to pitching sessions where you can pitch your idea/startup to our network of investors
  • Credits and perks provided by our partners (i.e. credits from Airtable)
  • Opportunity to be recognised as a Contributor and be entitled to profit sharing with the DAO
  • Opportunity to launch your own KopiDAO guild and become a manager of scholars

Performance assessment

Scholars’ activity and performance will be reviewed quarterly by the Core Team.

Where to apply?

Apply for our scholarship here.