Kopi Cup NFTs

Our Kopi Cup NFTs' primary goal is to bootstrap our DAO's treasury. Only a maximum supply of 1000 Kopi Cup NFTs can be minted and these NFTs will be released in cohorts/batches as the community grows.
This collection will consist of 20 different variations with 50 units each that the DAO will distribute to make up the maximum supply of 1000 Kopi Cup NFTs.

Cohort details

Prices start at 100 MATIC, and will increase gradually with each cohort/batch.
Cohort 1 (MAY 2022) 50 NFTs @ 100 MATIC each
Cohort 2 (MAY-JUNE 2022) 50 NFTs @ 200 MATIC each more details for future cohorts coming soon.

Why are we releasing in cohorts?

We want to ensure that our DAO and the ecosystem we are trying to create is sustainable. We strongly believe that the demand of our NFTs will only increase as we consistently deliver value to our community.
The minting price for our NFTs will gradually increase every other cohort to ensure that our members are incentivised for joining early. It will be the DAO's collective effort to provide consistent value that will ensure the success of this project.

Benefits for holders

Our NFT holders are entitled to all of the DAOs products and services inclusive makerspace access, minting on-chain credentials, and launching their Web3 profile with talent launchpad.
In addition, Kopi Cup NFT holders also enjoy exclusive access to private content, events, workshops, swags, and future airdrops.

How to mint?

Minting of our Kopi Cup NFTs has yet to begin, estimated to start within MAY 2022. Only whitelisted individuals/addresses are able to mint when we release the collection.


Apply for early access whitelist here.