Commitment levels

We structure our community based on commitment levels of our users.

Level 1: Subscribers

We consider any user that joins our Discord server an active Subscriber of the DAO. Subscribers are individuals that are here to engage with our community, actively exploring, and are deciding if the DAO is the right fit for them.

Level 2: DAO Members & Scholars

DAO Members and Scholars are individuals that are committed to the success of the DAO either by contributing their skills, time, and/or money. They are entitled to all the products/services the DAO has to offer. In order to become a DAO Member, you will need to own at least one(1) of our Kopi Cup NFTs.

Level 3: Core Contributors

Core Contributors are individuals that are recognised by the DAO as the most engaged members in the community and are active champions for the DAO's growth. They are entitled to a profit sharing with the DAO on our NFT sales.

Level 4: Team

The team members consists of the founders, core contributors, full time employees, and advisors of the DAO.