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Official KopiDAO whitepaper


KopiDAO is a learning community and decentralized autonomous organization focused on accelerating Web3 adoption. Our community welcomes individuals with a curiosity to learn about Web3 and most importantly, someone that is actively looking to participate in and to create opportunities for themselves within the space.


Kopi = Coffee. We are a global community with no geographical restrictions. We do however add a tad bit of Southeast Asian flavour into everything we do here. It's the perfect hangout spot for people that wants to learn about SEAsian culture.
In addition, our community cultivates an inclusive and collaborative environment. Conversations here are meant to happen casually, there are no stupid questions here. Grab yourself a cup a kopi and jump right in! ☕


Our vision is to be a vibrant Web3 ecosystem/metaverse supported by leading operators and partners, collectively serving as a conduit for talents to succeed in Web3.


We are on a mission to onboard and nurture the next 1 million Web3 talents.
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